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        Band Room, 39a Old Maltongate, Malton. YO17 7EH

    We commenced a new venture on 5th March 2020,
    a new Community Training Band for absolute beginners and for persons
    returning to banding after a prolonged period not playing 
    Contact us via
    Facebook for details
    More details available here >> details <<<



It is with regret and much sadness that I as Chairman of the band have to inform everyone that ALL band activity , engagements, practices, meetings of any kind are CANCELLED until further notice.
This is entirely due to the very real and increasing risk of the coronavirus pandemic.


    Below - The band at our regular / typical
    monthly Food Market in Malton
    (musical director / conductor Patricia France)

    Below -  Morrisons Supermarket on the eve of Valentines Day Feb 13th 2020
    Music on the broad theme of Love and Romance