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        Band Room, 39a Old Maltongate, Malton.  YO17 7EH


NOTICE - March 2018
The band is currently in a transition period hoping soon to find / appoint a new musical director

We are seeking to appoint a Musical Director
If you are interested or know someone else who might be interested please use our
contacts tab above and e mail our chairman.




     Below THREE videos of the band in action - scroll to view / play

Rosedale Show 19th August 2017
With warmest thanks once again to Lance Wardle and by his kind permission 


 Typical rehearsal / band practice  9th June 2016 

 Rosedale Show 15th. August 2015
   With warmest thanks to Lance Wardle and by his kind permission, video of Rosedale Show 2015.
The music is the march 'Peacemaker' by Karl L. King arranged by our musical director Stephen Hague.
For your interest and amusement note that the shire horse around point 2.18 is walking in time to the music. How brilliant is that ?