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At  9th March 2018 ...    this page is awaiting updates for official photographs
and the band is in a transition period hoping soon to find / appoint a new musical director

We are seeking to appoint a Musical Director
If you are interested or know someone else who might be interested please use our
contacts tab above and e mail our chairman.

Musical Director


(Deputy Musical Director from 9th March 2018)

Soprano Cornet


Janella Calvert 2 edited.jpg

Janella Calvert
Principal Cornet - (acting conductor)


Roy Gunning
Solo Cornet


Paul Baross.jpg

Paul Baross
Solo Cornet


Mike Williams
Solo Cornet - (chairman + web master)




Robin Maidment 2.jpg

Robin Maidment
Repiano Cornet


Jayne Flower
Solo Cornet


John Taylor 2.jpg

John Taylor
2nd. Cornet


Teresa Robinson.jpg

Teresa Robinson
Second Cornet / Flugel Horn


John Welford 2.jpg

John Welford
3rd. Cornet


 Paul Wellard 2.jpg

Paul Wellard
2nd. Cornet



Cornet - ( junior learner )



Cornet - ( junior learner ) 


Flugel Horn
Mike Gravill


Gill Mill
Horn / Eb Bass


Clare Avery.jpg

Clare Avery
Solo Horn




(Official Photo Pending)


Katie Allen
Tenor Horn


 Alan Tong 2.jpg

Alan Tong
2nd. Baritone



Phil Smith


(Official Photo Pending)


Dave Bancroft.jpg

David Bancroft
Baritone and Euphonium


 Isaac Rice.jpg

Isaac Rice
Euphonium / Trombone


Ruth Roberts.jpg

Ruth Roberts
2nd. Euphonium


 Simon Rice.jpg

Simon Rice


Bass Trombone




1st. Trombone




Bb Bass




Julie Lee
Eb Bass


Les Carter 2.jpg

Les Carter
Bb Bass


(Official Photo Pending)

John Ledger

Eb Bass


Vacancy ( could be you )