The organisation shall be called “The Malton White Star Band”, hereinafter called the Band.


The Band is a non-profit making organisation with the following objectives :

2.1 to provide facilities for brass instrumentalists to form a Band to promote and participate in musical activities including concerts and public performances

2.2 to provide cultural, educational and musical interest and entertainment for members of the general public, and to encourage the appreciation of music and participation in the performance of music,

2.3 to provide educational and training facilities for brass instrumentalists and to ensure that membership is open to any person regardless of race colour ethnic or natural origins gender sexual orientation marital status religious and political beliefs age or disability.

2.4 to encourage and develop the musical talents of the young people of Malton and its immediate vicinity, providing free tuition and free loan of instruments, and to cater for those needs in an appropriate manner and according to the best principles of a fully documented Child Protection Policy,.


Officials of the Band, hereafter referred to as the Committee, shall consist of Chairman, Musical Director (Bandmaster), Deputy Bandmaster, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, Welfare (Safeguarding and H&S) and up to five Committee Members.

Officers of the Committee to be re-elected by rotation to ensure continuity, at each Annual General Meeting, which shall be held during April.

Band Members aged 14 years and over shall be eligible to vote.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt the services of one further Member if required.

The Committee shall meet as often as is deemed necessary.

Four Members shall form a Quorum, the Chairman having a casting vote.

The Committee shall have complete authority over the administration and finances.


The Band welcomes applications for membership and participation in its activities from any individual regardless of race, colour, ethnic or natural origins, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious and political beliefs, age or disability.

Candidates shall be admitted as Members at the discretion of the Bandmaster and Deputy Bandmaster and the Committee.

Persons engaged in administrative duties need not be Playing Members.

A current list of all members names, addresses and telephone numbers shall be kept by the Secretary.

All Members shall be given a Member’s Handbook containing the General Rules and a fully documented Child Protection Policy. Both documents shall be reviewed from time to time and adjusted at the appropriate AGM, if changes are required.

No Membership Fee shall be required.


Rehearsals shall be held two evenings per week at times agreed by general consent.

All Members shall be expected to attend as many rehearsals and engagements as possible.

Irregular attendance, unless due to exceptional circumstances, may result in suspension of membership by the Committee.


Band Instruments and Uniforms shall be issued to Members at the discretion of the Bandmaster and Deputy Bandmaster.

A record of each Instrument and article of Uniform and to whom they are issued is the responsibility of the Bandmaster or Committee Member appointed for this purpose.

Care and cleanliness of borrowed Instrument, Uniform and other Accessories is the responsibility of the person to whom they are issued. Due diligence is required in all settings namely: the Bandroom, Band Functions, in transit and especially in the home.

Only the heaviest Instruments, i.e. Basses and Drums, may be left in the Bandroom.

Music must be kept in the folder provided and returned to the Storage Box when not in use.

All members are responsible  for the correct usage and stowage of instruments, cases, stands etc. at all times and places to minimise the risk of accidents and/or personal injuries.


The Musical Director or Deputy Bandmaster shall have complete control of the Band during rehearsals and performances.

Failure to comply with the Musical Director’s instructions may result in suspension of Membership.

A suspended Member shall have his/her case examined by the Committee who hold the right of expulsion.

The wearing of Band Jackets, Kajacks, Waistcoats and Band Ties shall be at the discretion of the Musical Director.


The financial year shall end on 5th April each year.

The funds of the Band shall be kept in bank or building society accounts approved by the Executive Committee.

The Band may receive donations, grants in aid and financial guarantees and may levy charges for its services. The income of the Band, from wherever derived, shall be applied solely toward promoting the objects of the Band and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, either directly or indirectly, to any member or members of the Band, except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Band. This rule shall not prevent the payment of a reasonable and proper remuneration to any member, officer or servant of the Band.

Cheques shall be signed by any two of three of the following officers of the Band: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, or as determined by the Committee.

All expenditure shall be authorised by the Committee.

The audited accounts of the Band shall be prepared annually for each financial year and be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval.


The membership are resolved to allow the committee to dissolve Malton White Star Band in order to set up a new charity of similar name and type, transferring all property and assets to the new charity.

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