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Various brass and wind bands have appeared throughout the history of music in Malton.
Quadrille band (1825), Malton Brass band (1857), Malton United Band (1857), the Malton Messenger Band (1856), Gibson’s Malton Amateur Brass Band (1877) amongst many others.

The band with a direct lineage to Malton White Star was the Malton Temperance Band which was founded in 1899.
In 1900 they changed their name to Malton White Star Band.

The name was taken from the white star that the bandsmen of the Temperance band wore on their lapel – a sign of ‘sobriety and faith’!

From then on Malton White Star Band played at civic events, the Malton Show and in 1934 the opening of the Milton rooms amongst many other local events.

The band moved to it’s current practise room the Drill Hall in 1938 and it’s walls are currently adorned with photographs from the history of the band.

The band also played regular Saturdays at the local market – a tradition that continues today with their monthly appearance at the food market in the centre of Malton.

Malton White Star Band has a long tradition of entertaining the community in and around the town of Malton and further afield in North Yorkshire.

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